GUE Instructors

Scrupulous care is taken in the selection and training of all GUE instructors to ensure the best possible experience for all students. GUE instructors must possess exemplary diving skills and knowledge in addition to effective communication and teaching skills.

Becoming a GUE instructor can be a long and demanding process, as is confirmed by the small group that has been able to reach the high bar we have set. This is not only due to the intense instructor requirements but also to the regular renewal and re-qualification requirements for all instructors.  On a yearly basis, every GUE instructor must pass a fitness test and demonstrate both teaching and diving currency at the highest levels of their qualification. While this might seem obvious, it is one of many GUE innovations. In this case, GUE remains the only agency willing to accept the financial cost of fewer instructors while ensuring diving currency and capacity from their instructors.

All GUE programs are carefully monitored by a thorough quality governance process—another GUE innovation—that queries 100% of our students and requires completion of the questionnaire before a certification card is issued. This quality governance process merges a quality control department that monitors and ensures compliance with all program standards and a quality assurance department that proactively attempts to identify and mitigate any weaknesses in GUE training programs.

Another feature unique to GUE is a prohibition of the industry’s most common business development tool known as “crossovers”. The most common manner for growing an agency within the diving industry is to incorporate crossovers, whereby an instructor from another agency is quickly accorded status in the second agency. This process supports the financial return for the agency but works against quality and the benefit of the student taking the course. 

The GUE instructor training and renewal process support a small but growing family of instructors that displays an unusually rare enthusiasm for their students and an unwavering commitment to excellence for themselves. These individuals represent the core principles of the GUE organization, helping build a global set of communities that provide inspiration and support for your own personal adventure.

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