Alex Adolfi

Education Advisor

Alex’s first experience with diving was in the swimming pool at Underwater Sports at the ripe old age of 10. His father had purchased some new dive equipment from the store and was going to try it out in the pool. Alex was invited to come along and after just a few breaths on his dad’s alternate regulator, knew this was something he would do someday. That someday finally came 13 years later in 2004, and ironically in the same pool, when Alex took his open water class soon after finishing college. At the completion of the class his instructor told him “You’re going to be a dive instructor someday.” And so, the journey began…

Currently Alex is a GUE Fundamentals Instructor. He and his better half, Bex (also an active member of GUE Seattle), discovered GUE together in 2012 when Alex reconnected with Koos DuPreez, who had been a classmate of his in his PADI instructor program. The skill of the divers as well as their emphasis on safety and their team mentality were immediately attractive and it didn’t take long for Alex and Bex to become active members in the community. Alex currently holds GUE Tec 2, GUE CCR and GUE Cave 1 ratings and is working to become a GUE Tech 1 instructor.

As much as the diving, Alex very much enjoys the people in the GUE community and the many new friendships he has formed in the past years. He and Bex continue to host the annual GUE Christmas Party and hope to do so for many more years to come!

Alex will tell you that it is impossible to pick a favorite dive as there are just too many amazing dives to choose from. High on his list however is the PB4Y in Lake Washington, all the wrecks in Truk Lagoon and diving with Oceanic White Tip Sharks in the Red Sea.

When not diving, Alex is a partner in Carlisle Classic Homes, a local remodeling firm. You can also find him working on his own house or enjoying his other (and new) past time of shooting.