Kees Beemster Leverenz

Education Advisor

After being certified in 2009, Kees decided to seek out more experienced divers in the area. Kees did some research and was attracted to the standardization and skill offered by GUE. He was particularly attracted to the idea that a diver can “begin with the end in mind” and develop skills early on that are useful at every level of diving.

Armed with a too tight backplate, a 7mm wetsuit, and a bright yellow aluminum 80, Kees got in touch with a few members of the local community. He was quickly overwhelmed with their generosity in lending their time, equipment, and advice.

Kees currently enjoys exploring the wrecks in the lake as well as diving in the Puget Sound as often as possible. He is doing his best to pay forward the mentoring he received, while simultaneously trying to learn from the more experienced divers in the community.