The formation of GUE evolved from the identified needs of demanding global projects and was crafted by some of the industry’s leading explorers. The resulting training programs were developed to ensure that divers could pursue any interest they had, and as result, some of these divers would support a variety of global diving initiatives designed to explore and conserve the aquatic realm.

The exploration and conservation activities within GUE communities, including GUE Seattle, are often documented under the direction of, or in cooperation with, various government, university, or nonprofit groups. GUE’s annual project report summarizes some of the most active projects.

There are typically at least 20 projects highlighted each year within the larger GUE  but there are many more ongoing exploration, documentation, and conservation initiatives organized by our members, and a few within the Seattle group.

More than 100 locations are regularly documented in approximately 40 countries through GUE’s Project Baseline conservation initiative. Learn more about GUE efforts over the past twenty years with this infographic.


GUE Seattle has partnered with Coastal Sensing to conduct incredibly detailed surveys of Lake Washington, in an effort to locate more of our regional history.


Photogrammetry allows us to make 3D models of undersea wonders, bringing history to the surface and making the past more real for everyone.

Project Baseline

The goal is to document the state of the environment, from visibility to sea life, over time.