Deana Fraser


Deana started diving 2004 in Lake Havasu Az., during a 10-week nursing contract. While she was exploring the yellow pages of the phonebook for things to do, she found a technical dive shop. After her open water class, she went on a live aboard diving vacation out of California and was hooked for life. She wanted to explore structures underwater and look in cave dens. Her goal was to see what was 200ft under water as she watched technical divers’ prep for their 160ft+ dives.

April 2016, she completed the PADI divemaster program but was still looking for something more as she knew her diving skills were not where she wanted them to be.  Her passion was to be diving in a backplate and wing with effortless trim and buoyancy.

Then Deana met Andrea from GUE (2016). Deana and her husband James trialed backplates in a pool and their world opened to a new way of diving.  This event led to a cascade of education with many hours of practicing to complete Fundamentals and then Tech 1 in September 2019.  Along the way, she met, practiced, and dove with a wonderful group of people that she continues to call her dive family.

Diving is a huge part of Deana’s life, and she loves sharing it with like-minded people! The community of diving is about improving what we do and giving back to the next divers. She is always saying “we “divers” all meet at Redondo or Alki (Cove 2) like it is our own backyard so they can practice and prep for exploration and conservation projects”.

“Let’s go dive, have fun, and become better divers for ourselves, our waters and for future exploration.” ~Deana Fraser