Bert Brezicha


I started diving in 1991 as a PADI open water diver and would dive a couple of times a year in the Puget Sound and while on tropical vacations.

Then, in 2009 my daughter started her first diving class.

At the time she was too young to drive so I had to attend the class also. Watching the excitement of the students learning to dive reinvigorated me to start diving more. I signed up for advanced open water diver and continued up through assistant instructor. While assisting with a basic open water scuba class I met some GUE divers. They invited me to come to a “Tweek”. That is all it took. One dive and I realized that even as an assistant instructor with PADI, I had no idea what I was doing. I was out of trim, had little control of my buoyancy, and no idea how not to ‘silt’ out the dive site.

Soon after that first dive, I took GUE Fundamentals (Fundies) and have continued by learning through GUE Tech 2.

At about the same time as I took Fundies, the Seattle GUE community was expanding and GUE Seattle was formalized. So, I had the privilege of being one of the founding members.

I continue to do what I can to assist and support the GUE community both locally and globally.