Daniel McMath

Board Member

Dan grew up in the mountains of North Idaho, reading Jacques Cousteau and dreaming of sea life and fantastic wrecks. He learned how to snorkel in the lakes and rivers of Idaho and vacationed on the coast in the summers. Getting up before dawn to catch the low tide to hunt for interesting critters in the tide pools was a highlight.

It has been a long road, living all over the country while serving the Navy, but little has changed. Dan still reads Cousteau and dreams of sea life and fantastic wrecks, and still enjoys looking for critters in tide pools. He even earned a basic dive certification, and spent some time muck-diving, seeking direction in his passion for diving. Fortunately, he stumbled in to some GUE Seattle folks several years ago.

After seeing a GUE diver in the water, he realized that there were concrete, measurable standards of performance, and that approaching technical diving from a risk management and human factors perspective was radically rational. It was love at first dive.

He took Fundamentals the winter of 2018, saying, “I see this as an intro to technical diving, but I am almost positive that is not for me.” By a stroke of the miraculous, he passed Tech 1 in June of 2020 and Tech 2 in October of 2021. His childhood passion of looking at pictures of the alien world just beneath the surface has transformed into a passion for actually going there and helping others to do the same.,