GUE Training

GUE is a leader in scuba education, having developed numerous industry-first training protocols and utilizing an elite cast of diving educators.

The wide range of training programs was meticulously developed by leading explorers whose mission was to build communities of passionate scuba divers with globally coordinated diving activities.

These curricula provide training for all levels and interests, from new divers and recreational divers to cave and technical divers, all to elevate the quality of training within the dive industry.

The earliest GUE courses were developed to support global exploration projects and have been refined to incorporate recreational divers. This “begin with the end in mind” approach produces uniquely competent divers and enables a smooth transition from recreational to technical diving and beyond.

GUE educational programs enable divers to comfortably explore a wide range of possibilities, but the value of GUE training becomes even more pronounced when joining any of our far-reaching GUE communities or GUE projects. These activities offer many opportunities for social engagement and mutual support.

A variety of specialized programs range from drysuit and diver propulsion vehicle (DPV) use, to rescue, photogrammetry and our immensely popular GUE Fundamentals course, which is one of the most emulated programs in the industry. GUE also maintains an unprecedented quality governance system which includes regular requalification for instructors, quality control feedback from every GUE diver, and certification renewal requirements, among many other industry-first initiatives.

Local Area GUE Instructors



Guy Shockey

Vancouver Island

James Fraser


Kees Beemster Leverenz


Liz Tribe

Vancouver Island